Fahrenheit 451 Life Analysis

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If you aren’t happy with your life, what are you doing to change that? In life your goal is to be happy, not depressed and isolated. In Fahrenheit 451, their society doesn’t think anything is wrong with them. Kids kill each other and think nothing of it, they lack communication skills, they aren’t happy, and everybody is the same, they want to be just like everybody else. In today’s society, we hopefully think that is not ok. It wasn’t until Clarrise met Montag when he realized he wasn’t happy. As soon as he came to terms with that, he tried doing things to change that. This book is about Montag and his adventure to try and change his life and society. In the first part of the book, Montag thought he was the happiest he could be. Then…show more content…
Clarrise was the type of person who asked a lot of questions. A few of her many qualities were, being observant, curious, and mature. On page 27 Montag says, “You sound so old.” That means that she is a pretty wise person for only being 17 years old. One time Clarrise tested Montag to see if he was in love or not. So what happened was she got a dandelion and rubbed it under Montag’s chin. If it rubbed off, it meant he was in love, and if it didn’t rub off, he wasn’t in love. After Clarrise rubbed the dandelion under Montag’s chin, it didn’t rub off. “ What a shame,” she said, “you’re not in love with anyone.” Clarrsise reminds me most of Faber in this book. That’s because they both think and realize that this society isn’t a good one. When Faber helped Montag out with his reading coprehesion, Montag was forever grateful, and without Faber, I don’t think Montag could have made it through his journey. Before Montag went to bed he asked Millie a question. “The first time we ever met, where was it, and when? “Why, it was--- she stopped. I don’t know, she said” pg. 40 Mildred may not have realized it, but for Montag he figured out that he really wasn’t in love anymore. Montag at that point in his life made the decision to try and turn his life around. Even though society was at all odds with him, he still tried to…show more content…
The things that made him happy were the knowledge in the books and how Clarrise thought differently. In the first part of the book you would think that Montag’s life was great, even he thought it was great. But there was a girl named Clarrise, and she changed his life. She made him think differently about his life and about society. As the book goes on, Mildred and Montag have struggles. Montag realizes that Mildred wasn’t the person he fell in love with, and how she’s depressed and doesn’t even know it. The society that Montag is living in, isn’t a very good one. Some people rarely even go outside, they just watch the parlors, and that isn’t a good thing. Some people don’t evne know what the moon loosk like. I think Bradbury was trying to tell us how important books may be, and how we undervalue
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