Life As We Knew It Essay

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During the apocalypse people need help. While many people could try to provide assistance with various tasks, there are some who are more qualified than others. These qualified personnel have been trained to do vital jobs. Jobs related to science would be especially helpful. Helpful people in these science-oriented jobs are medical professionals, astrophysicists, engineers, agricultural scientists, botanists, and geneticists. Medical professionals will be very important in an apocalyptic society such as the one described in Life as We Knew It because they can heal people, research and treat new diseases, and provide emergency care to those who need it. The doctor in the book discusses the various diseases, such as West Nile virus and malaria,…show more content…
These predictions will alert potential victims of disaster and save many lives. For example, Life as We Knew It states that tidal waves are occurring all over the globe and many people have drowned in the floods. The book also states in chapter seven that volcanoes are erupting and clouding the sky with ash. The astronomers and astrophysicists should have been able to predict that the asteroid would hit the moon with the force that it did and they should have been able to tell the public that the change of the distance of the moon would affect the tides. If they had told people to retreat inland, then many of them could have still gone on living. Engineers of all types will be needed for multiple reasons. Some probable causes for engineers to help are to build better shelters, perhaps they could even create a refuge from the hardships and destruction of the world around them, maintain current roads and buildings, create new, more helpful products, and design better items that are critical for survival. Progression in this new way of life will be just as important as sustaining a suitable lifestyle in the
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