Personal Narrative: The Change In My Life

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At the age of sixteen years old my life had extremely changed. Although, it not as tough as life right now, it was still a bit life changing for me. There some positive things and people that played a role in my life. Although it still seem when something positive things happen there some negativity that comes right behind it. I know this may sound funny but life changed for me starting on the year of twenty-fifteen when my parents decided to get back together . Not divorced but getting back together! Being the daughter who has to wake up early in morning to go to school after long rough nights was tough. I was so tired from the night before I took my naps at school because I was too scared to get shut eye at home. It seems as if I even…show more content…
My sister never really appreciated it but I did. The compliments I got on the nice things my dad gave me was awesome and I could never feel any better. One day I was sitting at school and I waited for my dad to come get me from school. Mom told him to don’t forget to come get me because she had a doctor appointment. It was raining very hard and I was getting soaked and wet so my teacher gave me a ride home. As soon as I opened the door I ran into beer cans and liquor bottles everywhere. The house smelled like cigarettes. I walked in and asked my dad why he didn’t come get me and all he said was “It raining.” I was so angry that I made a mistake and said my thoughts out loud. I told my father that I had the worst parents ever. Right then and there I saw my father emotion changed. My father dark brown skin soon turned red! And he couldn’t help but to yell and curse me. After that day my dad didn’t speak to me for while and even though he was in the wrong my mom still believed him. I talked to my sister about it and she very angry. She I was going to go through everything she went through when mom and was together and that day I found out she was
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