Life Changing Country Analysis

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Life changing experiences can not only change people 's lives but also change a whole country. Some people who have had a life-changing experiences are Melba Patillo Beals from Warriors Don 't Cry by Melba Patillo Beals, Jackie Robinson from I Never Had it Made by Jackie Robinson, and Feng Ru in The Father of Chinese Aviation by Rebecca Maksel. Those are all people who have had life changing experiences and have not only affected their lives but also their country
Feng Ru was the first ever Chinese man to create a successful plane factory. Feng Ru knew that his goal of creating the factory would be very challenging. He had many obstacles that stood in his way. Including racism, moving because of workshops getting destroyed, and being self
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Like Feng, Jackie Robinson had also changed his entire country by being the first black man to play in major league baseball. Jackie also had to face many challenges too, like his teammates not accepting him because he was black and people not liking him and they tried to physically harm him. “It hadn’t been easy. Some of my own teammates refused to accept me because I was black” (Robinson). The only way Jackie could get people to accept him is to get really good at baseball. Jackie eventually got really good and everyone started to accept him and they didn’t care that he was black. “Children from all races came to the stands. The very young seemed to not have any hang up about me being black” (Robinson). This shows how people accepted him just because he was good and they started not even caring about what race he was. Jackie Robinson paved the way for all races to start playing in all sports not only baseball. Without Jackie Robinson chances are there would be no black people playing in major league…show more content…
Melba Pattillo Beals also had a major impact on her country, she was one of the first black students to go to an all white school. She also integrated all black people go to all-white schools all over the world. Beals went to an all-white school Like Feng and Jackie Robinson Melba also had to go through a lot of challenges including the school hiring guards and the people at the school trying to hurt them because of their race. “Some people looked totally horrified, while others raised their fists to us. Others shouted ugly words” (Melba). This shows how the white people didn’t like the kids so they did very bad things to them and tried to hurt them. Melba still stuck up for herself though, the government sent “The Soldiers of the 101st.” They were there to guard the kids so nobody would try to harm them or anything. “Like me they seemed impressed by the imposing military power.” (Beals) This shows how nobody wanted to harm them because of the soldiers because of their power. Melba had actually almost changed the world because after this happened a law was passed that all races of students are allowed to go to any school. Melba Beals changed her country in a very big way and she inspired many people to do things they would have never
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