Life Changing Experience: Disposable Diapers

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Once parents have their first baby, it is a life changing experience for them. Their lifestyle changes 360 degrees. Parents will be spending most of the time meeting the child’s needs such as feeding him or her in a time interval, bathing, changing their diapers and putting them to sleep. They basically need to sacrifice most of their time and money in order to give their precious one a comfortable life. Babies are always in a mess especially when it comes to feces or urine. Hence, diapers are parents’ best friend in the first few years of a baby before they are toilet trained. According to Merriam-Webster, diaper is a basic garment for infants consisting of a folded cloth or other absorbent material drawn up between the legs and fastened about the waist.There are different types of diapers and the most common once is the disposable diaper. Disposable diapers are diapers that can only be used once and to be thrown away after that. In Malaysia, disposable diapers are parents’ priority when it comes to choosing diapers rather than the traditional washcloth products. In Thailand, the demand for diapers increased in 2010 and among all the categories, disposable diapers registered the fastest growth. The review report in Singapore for Momy Poko which offered disposable diapers rose from 7% in 2004 to 28% in 2013. These show that the demand of disposable diapers increase throughout the years. As all above, disposable diapers also cause some issues to arise in the infant

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