Disposable Diapers Research Paper

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Register to read the introduction…Disposable diapers are diapers that can only be used once and to be thrown away after that. In Malaysia, disposable diapers are parents’ priority when it comes to choosing diapers rather than the traditional washcloth products. In Thailand, the demand for diapers increased in 2010 and among all the categories, disposable diapers registered the fastest growth. The review report in Singapore for Momy Poko which offered disposable diapers rose from 7% in 2004 to 28% in 2013. These show that the demand of disposable diapers increase throughout the years. As all above, disposable diapers also cause some issues to arise in the infant and toddler care which has a great impact not only on the babies but the parents and the environment as…show more content…
So do the disposable diapers also have alternative ways of encountering it.One of the solution is that parents can reduce the use of throwaway diapers by changing to clothes diapers.Cloth diapers are reusable and it is cheaper than disposable diapers.Not only that,is is chemical free as well.Parents buying disposable diapers have to spend approximately 1400 dollars for 2.5 years but they just only need to spend as littles as 300 dollars in cloth diapers.If parents insisted in using disposable diapers and baby has skin rashes,parents can buy rashes cream and apply on the baby infected part.Cream actually soothe a child’s swollen reddish skin which makes them feel a little more comfortable.If the rashes gone worse or does not show any improvement after applying please consult a doctor for help.Besides that,another solution will be perhaps parents can buy another type of diaper which is the more eco friendly diaper called the ‘green baby diaper,’ Bamboo Nature is a type of disposable diapers which are about the same as typical disposable diapers but are less eco impact.The thing that differentiate these disposable diapers are there uses 75% biodegradable ingredients and the diapers are free from toxic substance.Other examples of ‘green baby diapers’ that parents can consider to buy are the Gdiaper,Seventh generation diapers and Nature Baby care Diapers. In conclusion,disposable diapers are indeed a great negative impact on the parents,babies and the environment.Choosing the suitable diapers make a baby’s life more comfortable before they are potty trained.This is because they basically have to wear it at all time.Hence,parents should take serious consideration before buying disposable diapers and choose wisely the types of diapers for their

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