Essay About Working In A Nursing Home

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A life changing challenge I had was working in the nursing home. In high school, my senior year, I signed up to be in the CNA program, where you could get your CNA license. In the beginning of the year, we learned how to do different activities to take care of someone in need. There were only six in my class, so we could practice on each other. There were ten of us in the CNA program total. It was getting closer to start actually working with strangers and real residents. This was my first real job. It was out of my comfort zone to actually help someone and get in their personal space. I was afraid I would do something wrong. What I learned working in the nursing home was you had to have a lot of patience and I also learned to appreciate older people…show more content…
The third day it was only my partner and I assigned with one resident with no CNA to help. We did everything just like before. Introduce, pass out trays, work, lunch trays, break, work some more. On the fourth day my partner and I had three residents to take care of. The fifth day we did not have a partner and had three residents to take care of alone. On our last day, everyone had to help all the residents without the CNAs. We all knew what to do how to do it on other own now. It was an easier day since we been doing it. By the end of the day my class made cards for all the residents to appreciate now they help us in ways. The class had a little conference meeting about what we learned from this experience. We said our goodbyes to everyone and took one last picture in front of the nursing home. During my time in the nursing home, we had our ups and downs. We lost some residents but we also gained some. I’ve learned so much about my residents’ lives. I also appreciate older people more. They taught me so many life lessons. I’m more comfortable with helping someone in need more than before. Even though I probably won’t work in the medical field, it was a great
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