Life Changing Goals In High School

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As a teenager in highschool, you go through many life changing experiences. Beginning as a young freshman to soon be one of the most empowered kids at school, also known as a senior. Senior year is the year you decide on the story of your life past this point! As a freshman, my mind always revolves around the question what year throughout High school is the most significant for the future ahead?. I personally believe 9th grade is definitely signified as the most effective part of your future because that’s the beginning of your life as a teen, determines whether you can handle the next grade or not, and setting goals at the beginning.
To begin, my first reasoning on why 9th grade is the most significant year is because 9th grade is the beginning. This is the year you learn about high school and all the activities and class that are involved in it. For example, sports could be a huge interest of yours and now that you’re in high school, the choice of partaking in them is yours. This is the year to make decisions about your future classes, clubs, and sports. This will give you some guidance when it comes to going to college. One example of my explanation could be starting freshman year strong with participating in a certain sport, and as
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This is a really massive tool when it comes to planning your own future success. Constructing smart goals can make a positive effect on not only your organization but also your future. If you create a long term goal that starts freshman year and continue to do it until senior year, you’ll be more motivated to do the task and possibly be able to see a drastic difference in your success ( depending on the task). Also, compared to the evidence provided in the article “ Ninth grade: the most important year of high school” a program that is able to help the struggling children with setting goals and having aids available made the 9th grade dropout rates
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