Life Coach's Problem-Solving Model

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Life can throw at you various jabs for which you may or not be ready. Sometimes all you need is a little help. Yes definitely, you can work through a problem in your own way but it can be long and ineffective. Don’t lose hope just yet, there are specific problem-solving models which are there just to help you go through it in the most effective and optimal approach.

These models act like life coaches.

The job of a life coach entails helping individuals through various roadblocks so that they could achieve their goals in an efficient way, one that takes the least amount of time and emotional overflow as possible.

A life coach is responsible for judging a perspective about a problem, gain knowledge about them by asking questions or more aptly,
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Now there are two basic lines of questioning to follow: Question My Emotional State
Sometimes the problem could be very emotionally charging so in that case, questions are being aimed at finding out: What am I feeling about the problem?
What would have I done if no help would’ve been given?
What am I scared of? This is important because this will tell me that despite emotions I rely on myself to take positive actions or if I’m required to push a little more. Question My Objective
My next task is to find out what solution exactly I came looking for? Do I understand the gravity of the situation I’m in and do I expect to solve it?
What am I looking to achieve after solving this problem? These questions are required specifically so that I know to what extent am I required to help myself. Sometimes I solve my problems with just a little nudge while others may require some grilling. I make a note of all the roadblocks at this stage too. Question My
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What is the lesson I will derive from the occurrence of this problem? At this time I’m already spurting out stuff different from what I was thinking up until now. This helps me feel resourceful and trusting that this life coaching experience is taking me somewhere.

3.Identifying Potential Obstacles
If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere - Frank A Clark

This stage is for identifying potential threats both internal and external that I will end up facing if I move down a certain solution path. My job is to cover all of them so that nothing comes off as a shock down the way. It only gets difficult from here. Internal Obstacles
These are various emotional and mental problems. These are difficult to remove as I don’t know how deep a certain emotion is.The right line of questioning is impertinent here.
The questions like thinking about the worst-case scenarios, the current stress level are key to unravelling yourself. I ask myself about what part of my life is strained because of this problem?
What are the past problems associated with this problems?
Does it trigger some weird emotions within me or not?
What is my inner emotional imbalance focussed

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