Life Depicted In John Green's Paper Towns

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John Green’s book, Paper Towns takes place in Florida in which Quentin Jacobsen, a smart, loving and determined young man also is the narrator of the book, is the “good student” in the story. He has been in love with a girl for many years. Margo Spiegelman, Q’s neighbor is socially different than Q which means she is one of the popular kids, the cool kid in high school. Her looks can be deceiving meaning she acts different in school and with Q, someone she actually trusts. She is intelligent, loves mysterious and wise in a way. Ben along with Radar are Quentin’s best friends. Ben is Q’s friend mostly due to the fact that they were both at the same social scale in high school. He is the type of person that is fascinated by the little things.…show more content…
He decides to find answers or any type of clues on why she had left without no explanation.Throughout the story, Q and with the help of his friends try to find clues that Margo would have left behind for him. By the ending of the story the problem was solved and it was the perfect ending for the story even if it was a little disappointing. I was surprised that Margo didn 't go for the other choice which could have been the best for her. Overall this book was captive. What caught my attention the most was the way Q was persistent even if at times he wanted to give up on solving the problem he was always lead to trying to find Margo one way or another. Paper Towns did meet my expectations it was entertaining to read this book and think what would happen next. At first, I Wondered why the author didn’t write about Margo making the other decision, why pick the sad ending but then I realized, that it was a better ending the way he described it. I would recommend this book to others because in my point of view, I like how it has many plot twists throughout the story and it gets you thinking every time. I Would recommend this book to people who like to read about love stories as well as mysterious type of books. After reading this book, I’ll most likely read something with less love in a
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