Life Depicted In Natasha Preston's The Cellar

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In “The Cellar” by Natasha Preston is about a 16 year old girl named Summer Robinson. She lives a fairly good life, and nothing extraordinary has ever happened.The setting takes place in present time in a small town called Long Thorpe but mostly in a cellar. A community where nothing bad really takes place, until young Summer is alone is taken. She is brought to a different aspect of a new yet drastic life of thriller. A life that 's not easy to overcome if it ever is possible to overcome. With only one easy way out and the cost is her life. The book starts of with Summer in her home where she lives her mother father and older brother Henry. She dating her brother’s best friend Lewis. Her family ask where she is going and shes lectured…show more content…
They went separate ways to find her,until Lily was stopped by a deeply gruesome voice of a tall man. The voice called her”Lily” she tells him she isn 't Lily but he still calls her it. He grabs and throws her into the back of a van. He drives with Lily in the back and brings her to this house, where she desperately tries to escape. She is met by three girls who is in the cellar with her. The girls were like Lily who was kidnapped and their names were changed. The girls names are in the form of flowers, Lily Rose Poppy,and Violet. Rose has been in the cellar for three years, Poppy and Violet only for . Rose introduces him as Clover Summer asks Rose what he wants She responds “he wants a family. The perfect family. He chooses girls that he thinks are perfect, like flowers.” Violet soon conformists C lover for pkcking Summer saying she was too young. She calls himma psycno bastard and is nearly killed by him but pleas,for her lineman he gives in. Summer settled in but is alert and still doesn 't like her living. Throughout chapters of the story Clovee will find a prostitute on the street and murder them for ruining lives dressing in a bad manner and claims themmas whores. Violet and Lily make a plan to escape.
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