Life During The Harlem Renaissance

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One only hopes to be born into an era like the 1920s. Until, the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Prohibition, and until coming into contact with the KKK. There were many exhilarating parts of the 1920s that everyone knows about, such as, the Harlem Renaissance, Women’s Rights and inventions that made everyday life so much easier. From 1920 to 1929, life was the “bees-knees”. This was a period of many new things for many people. Urban cities became populated and rural towns became desolate. This was called The Great Migration, it was partially caused by racial violence and economic discrimination against blacks in the south, however many white folks moved into urban cities due to “new money”. Blacks who traveled, and even those who didn’t, saw this as a period to finally express themselves through literature and art. The Harlem Renaissance was created by a bunch of African American men and women who felt the need to express themselves through whatever they could, and everyone appreciated their art. The Harlem Renaissance produced many outstanding poets. One Claude McKay wrote about the pain of …show more content…

With these inventions, life was a lot easier for those that could afford them. In 1907, the first washing machine was produced and in 1928 sales reached 913,000 units. This made washing clothes a faster and less laboring process. In 1913, the first radio was produced by Edwin Armstrong, this gave many families something to listen to in their free time, and delivered news to everyone who could afford to listen to radios. On October 27, 1920 the first radio station – KDKA – was issued its license, with this, many people were now able to listen to the same station at the same time and get the same news at the same time. These inventions weren’t affordable for those on farms, but for those that could afford these, life was so much better and so amazing

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