Life Essay: A Good Life

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A Good Life Some people say, adolescence is a time of the most beautiful at the same time the worst in our lifetime. The time was heartbroken when my love to clap the next hand. Frustrating, when my friends are already putting together goals and I don't know what it will do for me. I want it and I want that, but I can't do anything. I want to run away from reality, but every day wherever I was always met with an unpleasant incident. Why in youth, I should be hit by many problems? Why can't I live casually as everyone else? It seems their lives are never hard. Anywhere and at any time can always smile while I whose sadness every day. Everything I try to do always end badly, for even joking I'm not talented. I did wrong, I did not get to anything! This for the umpteenth time to occur. I suck, while all my friends look perfect. They each have their own advantages and can enjoy the benefits of living with it. My best friend is good when he plays music, even the band famous at school. There are many my friend also good at playing football and has always been a mainstay. There is also an active friends Association, always be in the forefront and speak in…show more content…
Am not I was a public figure and a humble populist. That's why I'm willing to board the train. Unfortunately, I did not receive tickets for the VIP room, so I had to sit in economy class seats. I just got on train from Jakarta to Surabaya. Sit down “Oh, it would be inconvenient for my long legs because it is an economy class,” and an old man came from the time I was lamenting. So, “Oh, the pain starts,” At the moment an old man sees one who looks like his friend. “Oh, I ran into a friend on the train, could you change your seat a little?” I was embarrassed by the question but I was worried for three seconds. “Yes please,” he
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