Essay On Bring Up Children In Norway

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Bring up children in Norway

This is a very confusing subject for foreigners, depending where they come from. In most cultures where some foreigners come from, the children belong to their parents. One gives birth, takes them though school and some even help them find life partners. After they are married, if it's a man the wife is supposed not only to look after him, but also his family. In such a family, the father in law of the woman is the man with all the power and the mother in law is the one who wield the whip, making sure the daughter in law is being a good wife and not embarrassing the family.

Things don't end there, because it becomes the responsibility of the couple to look after the parents, especially in their old age. Now, being in Norway can sometimes change this balance. If the daughter in law knows her rights, then it's not easy for her to take the above role. And people wonder why people who come from the same country don't marry each other after living many years in Norway, but prefer to go to the mother county to get partners. There are always rumors that children brought up in Norway are not well behaved, this of course means that they are very aware of their rights and will not let themselves be cowed to doing things
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These are phrases that commonly come from children and because most parents are not in contact with Norwegian parents it can look like Norwegian parents allow their children to do anything they want to. Some parents give up and give inn to what the children want. I remember many discussions we had with my children and every time one of these phrases came up, I always asked "what is your name" and after I got the answer I always told them that, that was exactly the reason why I say on, because they are not those other people. I would tell them that they are special and nobody else in the world is them and they don’t have to do what everybody else is

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