Exemplification Essay: How Kids Changed My Life

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How Kids Changed my Life
Once you have the baby, many mothers feel completely different and reborn in a way! Find out how mothers have changed after the newborn arrived.
Motherhood and pregnancy bring other life changes, not just the obvious one- the changing of the body. So, when your friends comment a lot about you changing and not having time for them, this is probably true. But, don’t get me wrong, motherhood will change you in a positive way, you’ll start to see things from a different perspective, nevertheless, you can’t stop but wonder, what would your life had been if you had your children later in your life?
“Where is the nearest club?”
Partying until dawn, not worrying about what will happen tomorrow, crazy but fun decisions are only
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Now you criteria for an apartment or a house includes: two bedrooms, preferably close one another, close to a good kindergarten or good school and closer to a lot of greenery and parks.
“I’ll watch a movie before bed”
Remember the times when you actually had the time to even watch a movie? Now, you need to well remember the baby channels in order to stop you baby from crying.
“What should I wear?”
The good news is that it’s all baggy after kids and no one can judge you for it. The bad news is that you have no option. You can neither fit in your former clothes or you don’t have a proper occasion to wear them.
“I need to tidy my living room for the guests tonight”
Gathering friends and having long and fun nights was just about every night and now, you’re hoping that your friends will call much in advance to schedule a meeting with you and crossed fingers not to sit on a poop or a sharp dinosaur on the sofa.
“My friends are my life”
Well, priorities change once the baby is here and your circle of friends will be much smaller than it used to be. Now, you baby is your life and you’re trying your best to provide everything it takes to make your child

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