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My life story I started to abuse drugs and alcohol at the age of 14, I am 17 and sober now. Growing up my life was very simple and fun. I have great grandparents who took me in when I was 6 months old. My childhood was great, I was spoiled and had everything I needed and pretty much everything I wanted too. As a child my life was going good and I didn’t act out and was a pretty good child. There was never very many family problems, that I knew of, when I was younger. As I got older I started to realize some of the problems that my birth mom was bringing into my family and I's life. My mom loved drama so that’s what she got. I wont go into detail of all of that but lets just say it caused a lot of problems for me as I got older. Elementary school came around and my grandma was a teacher at the school I was going to. School was always pretty easy for me, I was a smart kid and had lots of friends. Elementary school passed and came with…show more content…
So going in I really thought I would be good and that people would think I was cool. I was so wrong. For me getting drunk and abusing drugs was my way of coping and it was something that my body needed. The want of all those things went away, it was purely the fact that I felt as if I needed these things on a daily basis. That’s when I knew that something wasn’t right. My family and I got so distant, I was dishonest, depressed, anxious and sad all the time. Id pushed my family away so much that they were at a loss of what to do with me. My 4 sibling's had been put into foster care and that’s when things really started to fall apart. I dropped out of high school half way through my freshmen year, because my panic attacks were so bad that I couldn’t even make it through first period. All I did at home was, eat and sleep and lay in my bed sad. I knew I needed help but was frustrated that I couldn’t help myself. So I asked my parents to please help
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