Descriptive Essay: The Loneliest Place On Earth

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"The Loneliest Place on Earth" Here I am now, walking in the sand. Nowhere to go, no one to talk to. I sat near the shore, hoping that someone would come to stay and sit with me. As I leaned back, I started realizing how life had brought me here— somewhere I thought I could find peace and happiness. It was midnight and I woke up in a loud sound coming from my parents’ room. They were yelling at each other, pointing out their mistakes and shortcomings. I went back to my room, thinking of what I've heard was just a kind of loud music. Soon, the sound from my parents' room got louder and louder. I am an only child of two parents who chose to argue everyday and prison me forever. I reminisce the times when everything was doing fine. No fights,…show more content…
I was like a rock that got stuck inside a bottle full of sand and water that no one could remove. Sadly, I am all alone now and won’t be able to come back to my real home. I wished for something that is more than what I had. Wishing that my parents would totally disappear and leave me alone, lead me to this empty island where everyone was also taken away from me. I started to cry and realize how selfish I was. Suddenly, a boat was sailing towards the island. He was wearing a hat and was holding a crane. As he come closer, I began to recognize his face. It was the old man who gave me the golden coin. I ran to him and cried, “Mr., please take me home! Take me back to where I’ve come from! I’m begging you! I want my parents back! I want my old life back!” The old man looked at me and said, “Who had wished for that in the first place? You! I warned you, didn’t I? Once you wish for a thing, there’s no turning back for it will be lifetime.” “I regret being here and being alone. Please, take me home. I miss my family, my parents” I begged. “Look at you, you are all alone in this peaceful island! This was your wish and I’ve given it to you. It was your choice to live this kind of life. You may be happy at first, but as soon as the people around you were fading, that happiness was also fading” the old man replied. After saying his last words, the old man began to turn his back and quickly

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