Life Essay: The Value Of Life

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The Value of Life Life that was given to human beings by God has a very significant worth and meaning whereby individuals at times forget to show gratitude or be disappointed. Most people trust that they can be accepted if they have a good occupation and enough money but they do not recall that most individuals are influenced by those who have heard something to learn. Additionally, many people fail to recall that in order for an individual to earn vale, they are supposed to earn it. In the current economic times, the government is tasked with the role of creating worth in an individual by focusing on the position that they are accounted for. In case one is perceived from the point of view taken from the society, it should be believed that such individuals are supposed to be accorded to the actions that they partake and the kind of positions that they are in. In case this is taken from a person’s viewpoint, they should be able to judge themselves based on the kind of things that they attain and accomplish. Since birth, every human being is worth something. However, most individuals seem to place the worth of life on ethics and emotions. Money is not principally placed into the equation of valuing the lives of human beings whenever someone thinks about it (Bragues 342). However the society places numerous worth on money. People consider the costs of living as the most important aspects than life itself. Society additionally acknowledges that there is usually a requirement

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