Life Essay: We Are What We Eat?

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We are what we eat
Food is a source of energy and an essential part of our daily life. Food has nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids (fat) and minerals that humans need to remain healthy. Different types of products contain different nutrients. The way people eat today is far different from the way people ate before. Through passing years people lifestyles changed and developed. Our modern lifestyle forced many people to resort to different food habits. Nobody can ignore the advantages of modernization, especially on how much it makes life of human easier. On the other hand, modern lifestyle becomes more and more an important factor influencing health state of most countries.
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Many people are having problems with their bodyweight and health conditions these days. The problems are mostly caused by the unhealthy food they consume, increase in fast food and the restaurant industry.
One of the dramatic change occurred recently in food consumption is increase in the amount of processed foods. Nowadays, more children consume processed food at home or in school with no fresh fruits and vegetables like the ones eaten by previous generations. It is more common today when in a family both parents are working. However, in past one of the parents was working and the other one was maintaining the home and cooking. While cooking parent was choosing the right and healthier nutrition for children and could manage their children’s food consumption. In contrast, people busy lifestyles force them to buy and eat processed food. According to Hall (2014) food processing such as adding sugars, toxins, chemicals or other additives, and removing nutrients is dangerous for human health (pg13). Because higher fat, salt, sugar, and less nutrients and dietary fiber applied on processed food have increased the risk of obesity, diabetes,

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