Exemplification Essay: What Does Good Life Mean?

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What does a good life mean? Everyone has a different understanding of a good life. For many, a good life is a material wealth and position in society. The world is changing, and the worldview is changing. If in the past, people could live without money, independently producing and consuming products and get one or another service in exchange for something, now it is impossible. As the society develops and people are interested not only food products and clothes, but also, information, numerous newest technologies, and various services. In the modern world, these goods and services are valued by money. People have to work hard and then they can afford everything they want. For others, the great value is a spiritual development. Spiritual development is promoted by religion, yoga, spiritual practices, reading of special literature and work on oneself. As a result, a person thinks positively, does good deeds, his soul has no evil and hatred, he develops intellectually and shaves harmony with himself. Material wealth becomes destructive if a person…show more content…
He believed that good is justice, evil is ignorance. Good and knowledge are interrelated things. People do good or evil because of the presence or absence of knowledge. If you do not know what is good, it is impossible for you to do good deeds. Similarly, one who does bad deeds may not realize that this is bad. Socrates believed that only what was done was conscious, it 's good, and unconscious activities are bad. Socrates said: . He was not even afraid of death since no one knows whether this is good or bad. The concept of good and evil has a very fine line. Sometimes, a good deed leads to negative consequences. In our life, justice does not always win. Therefore, we clearly need to know and understand these concepts. The highest manifestation of the mind is wisdom. Wisdom is one of the strongest qualities that help to distinguish good from
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