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This report will present a detailed analysis of New Zealand life expectancy of birth by comparing latest data with previous data. It also includes various factors responsible for life expectancy rate. There have been discussion of the region and trends with highest and lowest life expectancy at birth It is seen that the Gisborne is having lowest expectancy rate and Tasman is having highest expectancy rate. This is majorly due to Maori ethnicity which is more in Gisborne. In part B there have been discussion of Rheumatic fever and it is mostly happen to Maori and pacific people in which bacteria may cause strep throat causing infection through out of the body. This is due to overcrowding, rurality. Hence, it is recommended that DHB…show more content…
After 1990’s Maori life expectancy started increasing as the same pace as the non- Maori. In 2012-14 the gap between Maori and Non- Maori life expectancy had narrowed by 7.1 years. The gap started narrowing from 9.1 years in 1995-97, 8.5 years in 2000-02 and to 8.2 years in 2005-07. Life expectancy of birth for pacific females is 78.7 years while 74.5 years for pacific males in 2013-14. Life expectancy in New Zealand has been increased in the past 100 years. Women lives 5½ years longer than men (Ministry of Health, 2015).
Factors that has resulted in present trend of life expectancy There has been improvement in the health status of the people leading to increase in life expectancy of the people in New Zealand. There are various social, cultural and economic determinants of health and there are recent trends in those determinants which has affected the health. The social, economic and cultural determinants that can influence on health are: income and poverty, employment, education, culture, housing. The infant mortality in New Zealand has been declined. The various factors that have resulted in present trend of life expectancy

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