Life Expectancy In Argentina Essay

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The average life expectancy in Argentina is 71.77 years of age, whereas in Canada it is 81.9 years. There are many possible factors that could influence this gap in life expectancy, however this piece is focusing on the 3 most current, and most relevant. These are the poverty issues in Argentina, along with the pollution and the extreme weather. In order to truly show the issues which are creating this gap in life expectancy, this piece will also be comparing the problems and data from Argentina, to those in Canada.

To begin, one of the major factors that is causing this difference in life expectancy is the poverty that strikes Argentina. In Argentina almost half of the children live under the poverty line, and 30.3% of the entire population lives under the poverty line. Compared to Canada’s population below the poverty line, which in only 9.4% it is blatant that this is a huge issue. The main reason that can account for this difference is that Argentina’s economy
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Air and water pollution are significant problems that Argentina is currently facing. The air pollution is caused by vehicles and industrial factories with subsidized smokestacks. Air pollution also has long term effects on the health of those living in Argentina such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory illness, all of which will lead to a decrease in life expectancy. The problem of the water pollution is particularly highlighted by the Riachuelo river which is incredibly polluted by chemical runoffs from surrounding factories. This water pollution in Argentina also has an effect on the access to clean water that the population has. 77% of those who live in cities have access to clean water, however those in rural areas are at a meager 29%. Compared to Canada which has 7% of the world’s freshwater population, and there is access to water across the entire

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