Personal Narrative: My Most Hated Moment In My School

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1.0 Introduction
Nowadays, social psychology plays important role in our life. We sometimes cannot understand why we do like this although we don’t want to do just because our brain helps us to interpret and make decision which doesn’t chosen by ourselves sometimes. Definition of social psychology is the study of the manner in which the attitudes, motivations and behaviour of the individual influence and are influenced by social groups. One of main subtopic for social psychology is social psychology and it is always applied in our daily life.

2.0 Life Experience 1: My Most Hated Moment In My School
For the past two years which I became form 6 student in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Ampang, I had experienced the most hated moment in my
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The definition of counterfactual thinking is a form of imagination to generate or create casual situation which does not exist (Smelser and Reed, 2012). I would imagine if I did not scold my mother and my mother would not cry, while I also hoped I never studied at that school in my life. However, we cannot turn back and should look forward to it.

Apart from that, I have encountered an incident which related to one of the social cognition error called optimistic bias. According to Klein (n.d.) optimistic bias is defined as expectation of an individual on positive event is higher compared to negative events. I believed I had overconfidence barrier which mean tendency to have to more confidence in the accuracy and judgments. It was the main reason I failed in my STPM because I thought myself can handle it well and easily.
Furthermore, magical thinking also can be explained through my life experience. Though Zusne, Jones (2014) stated that magical thinking is the one’s thoughts, words, or actions can influence the physical case in a manner but not governed by the principle of ordinary transmission of energy or information. In my story above, I believed that I can make well in my examination through guess and without any
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