How My Friend Has Changed My Life Essay

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Life stories can be told in many different ways, about many different people, many will talk about some of the most famous people in the world, others may talk about a family member. Don Sweeter is a local farmer in Lennox, South Dakota, he had three kids and has been married to his wife for over 50 years now. He hasn’t just changed his families lives but has changed the communities lives as well. Don has lived at the same residence farm for over 80 years and on that farm their has been tiers of joy and tiers of sadness. Therefore, some of the most life changing experiences has happened on that farm, and some of those experiences have happened to me. Don Sweeter has changed my life from creating the man I am today to me doing others work when they cannot. Furthermore, many years ago when I was a little boy, my brother and I spent the weekend at my Grandfathers farm. As soon as my parents dropped us off we immediately went…show more content…
Knowing him he did not listen to that at all, and a few weeks later he had to return to the hospital because his heart couldn’t take the stress any longer, he was in the hospital for another two weeks. After the last couple months I have came to a conclusion that his young farmer days have reached an end and so has his neighbors and old friends from when he was a kid. I go down to his farm almost everyday and do all the chores and make sure everything is working good and looking clean. In conclusion, Don has changed my life and has taught me how to be the bigger man in life, he has also taught me how to not only be a farmer but also a family man. Their has ben our ups and our downs, we would yell at each other when the days were getting hot and the days were getting long. But when the day came to and end we still had each other because we were best
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