Life In Meafora Case Study

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LIFE IN MEAFORD FOR HENRY AND SHEILA Henry met Jerry Dobie one day at McMaster University who invited him to come to teach in his Geography department at the GBSS . Sheila 's father had retired and he and his wife had moved to live in Meaford. So Sheila and Henry moved to Meaford in May, and in September 1969, Henry began to teach in the Geography department and taught there for five years. • after he resigned from his teaching at GBSS, Henry and his wife Sheila sold real estate . • For 7 to 8 years, Henry worked at Kerry 's Place, a home for autistic teenagers. • For five years they lived in Richmond Hill while he taught autistic teenagers in near by Maple, Ontario. Henry was elected to the Meaford Town Council and served from…show more content…
Smoking was banned from school dances at GBSS, beginning in October 1988, and the school board declared the school building a non-smoking area, starting September 1989. Although Henry never smoked and despised the habit, he died of lung cancer on March 9, 2001. • he possessed special building skills and knowledge and was able to build two houses in Meaford, one on Eliza Street two doors east of Don Moorhouse. Later in 1997 he renovated a century home at 510 Nelson St. West. He had a lot of drive to get things done. • While attending Meaford United Church, Henry taught in the Sunday School 1980-1983 and once took the Boys ' Club of ten members in 1983 to a Blue Jay 's game in Toronto. • He had his own sailboat and was a passionate sailor on Georgian Bay. While sailing one day, he found a dog stranded on a rock; he brought it home and named the dog Martha. • he was an ardent gardener. Insert image (Exner # 25) here. Sheila and Henry, Jeff, Kathy and Tim. Courtesy Rosemarie Exner-Davis. * Their daughter Kathy is a graduate of University of Waterloo, and now teaches a course on Editing at George Brown College in
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