Life In Paul Zindel's The Pigman

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In the Novel The Pigman by Paul Zindel. We meet Lorraine Jensen and John Conlan, two high school students at Franklin High in New York City. They both study in the same school, the same grade. They both have parents physically but not mentally, they both do not get the attention they want at home or at school but their lives change after meeting Mr. Angelo Pignati. We will elaborate on the Differences in their 1. Personal/School life and 2. Family life and relationship with the Pigman. Firstly both John and Lorraine have very different personalities from each other. Lorraine wants to become to become a writer while john wants to become an actor. He does not like parents and is jealous of his elder brother Kenneth because John believes…show more content…
He is also a smoker and alcoholic person because his parents never really said anything to him like he should not drink and smoke in this age, in fact, john has his habit from his dad because he also drinks and is a bad example for john. Compared to Lorraine at home, she is observant and understands what her mother is going through and how she has taken the responsibility of a kid by herself. Lorraine has no freedom at home that’s why she always had to lie to his mom to go out because she knows that her mother is violent and she will get hit if she gets to know the truth. Though she is very cautious at home so that her mother doesn’t get to know her plans with john and the pranks they have made and done so far.
Finally, Lorraine’s relationship with The Pigman is very important for her because she feels happy with him and he cares for her, makes her feel good about her appearance and gives her love and the attention she always wanted from a person she is close to. On the other hand, john likes the Pigman because no one has ever listened to him that closely and given him much love, the attention he was looking for through the pranks he makes. These two adolescents meet the Pigman and their lives change in a good
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