Life In Pompeii: Before Tragedy Struck

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Life in Pompeii…… Before Tragedy Struck Once a city with many people, now a city with none. In 79 AD, Pompeii became a “Dead City.” Pompeii was once a city a long time ago, and was a very big city. Pompeii has archaeologists digging, Pompeii has many many roles that people played, and people in Pompeii had busy lives. A long time ago, Pompeii had roles that people played. One of these roles is a stay at home doctor. In Pompeii if you got hurt you wouldn 't go to the doctor your mom would most likely be your doctor. Another one of these roles would be that the men sewed. They most likely did this because the women weaved. Pompeii has acquired a lot of attention, and has brought archaeologists. Archaeologists have “uncovered” the city,
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