Life In Prison: The Love Of My Life

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“Knock! Knock! Milo Harrison, you are sentenced to life plus five years in prison. ” This sentence kept running through my head. Over and over and over again. Judge Blair Archeobald announced this almost 30 years ago. Yet it still runs through my mind every day. As I sit here in this grievous jail cell.
First, I got married to the love of my life, Maggie Harrison. I was a novice Cardiothoracic Surgeon. And she stayed at home to do nothing but rise the bill of my CarP account. Maggie decided it was good to embezzle 1 million dollars. Why? Nobody knows. So, she went on the run instead of being put in federal prison. Meanwhile our bank accounts were froze. I had no money to spend, but my cash. Luckily, I had a safe with enough to last me a month or two. Two days later, the hospital shut down, due to an infectious disease being spread thru the doctors. I had no income or any money.
As a result, I went for a run in Central Park to clear my head. I stopped running to enjoy nature. I bought a hot dog with ketchup on it. I remember the taste being so good, I was in heaven. When I went to throw it away, I came across an ePad. It said Vance Waldorf. I went straight to my Penthouse, that I could no longer afford. I then Gogaled him. Gogaling is what everybody does when the don’t know something. Nowadays, there is no such thing as a paper book. He was an Upper East Sider. Born rich, and currently has 5 houses/penthouses throughout the World. WOW!
Therefore, I had no choice but to

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