Personal Narrative: My First Time In Prison

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“Knock! Knock! Milo Harrison, you are sentenced to life plus five years in prison. ” This sentence kept running through my head. Over and over and over again. Judge Blair Archeobald announced this almost 30 years ago. Yet it still runs through my mind every day. As I sit here in this grievous jail cell.
First, I got married to the love of my life, Maggie Harrison. I was a novice Cardiothoracic Surgeon. And she stayed at home to do nothing but rise the bill of my CarP account. Maggie decided it was good to embezzle 1 million dollars. Why? Nobody knows. So, she went on the run instead of being put in federal prison. Meanwhile our bank accounts were froze. I had no money to spend, but my cash. Luckily, I had a safe with enough to last me a month
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I went on the app on my epad, typed in the amount, and then put on the mask to the let them scan my face. I blinked two times to prove I’m not a robot. “Transaction complete...Thank you for banking with Bank G.W.P.” I completed day one of 250!
Meanwhile, I continued to do this for one month; using a different wifi network each day. I also switched up the times, based on his work schedule.
It was mid- August, I went to scan my face one day and, it said error. I decided to try again; this time it said there was now a new double password to make transactions. I Gogaled it. The best answer to my question was, the bank has noticed irregular activity. There is now a password and security questions to withdraw money. Magnificent! I needed to crack the code.
After a bit, I did research on the most basic password is their pet 's name, with a few numbers. It is their pet’s name with a few numbers. Mr. Waldorf’s pet’s name was Lollipop. So, I typed in “Lollipop777”. And it worked! Now there were two security questions:
What city did your parents meet
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I would do my cardio, then withdraw some money, then do abs, and withdraw the rest. After the gym and money situation, I would go to cooking class. I figured I would have to cook for myself in Thailand, so why not be the best at it? After class, I went back to the gym to do arms and legs. When I finished that, I went to a cheap attraction in New York City. Consequently, several weeks passed with me doing the same routine. Nobody gave the impression that I was suspicious. I went to and from the gym multiple times a day. Sometimes, I would go to the gym again after supper. I was practically addicted to working out. But, maybe somebody did find me suspicious... It was September 20, 2037, the rain was pounding on the steel buildings. I went to WestSide Market NYC. It’s on broadway street, close to my Penthouse. I specifically needed Bread, Eggs, Milk, Water, and cookies. I went at 7 a.m. when it isn’t very busy; planning on getting in and out in five minutes or less.
Unfortunately, that did not happen. When I was going to check out, I heard sirens. I had the notion that maybe there was an accident, or a shooting. No. The FBI came in looking for somebody.
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