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What was life like for teens in the 1960s? The 1960s were crazy because of all the significant events and people of the time. Life for teens wasn’t too much different from teen life now from working, to school, to fashion and scandals. Everyday life was somewhat different now than it used to be but it has its similarities. After going to school all day, teens would have to come home to do chores and homework for the rest of the night. Most teens had started working at actual jobs around the age of 12. Because of the work that was expected of the teens it was common for them to be done with school once they had graduated high school and in some cases they didn’t even go to high school and began working as soon as they were done with the…show more content…
Fashion icons changed dramatically in the 60’s from a classier look to an edgy look. When the 60’s started, everyone looked to Jackie Onassis as a style inspiration, things changed when her husband was tragically killed in 1963. The new style icon of the era became Brigitte Bardot, a French model, who became extremely popular in America around 1965. In the 60’s almost all schools had very strict rules for girls about the length of their skirts, so when there were social events girls would often wear dresses and skirts that would never be acceptable to wear for school. Because of the dress codes in schools it was less common to see girls wearing any types of jeans or pants. Another thing the 60’s are known for are the hairstyles. In the early 60’s, the higher hair was teased, the better. Many women sported these poofy styles by putting rollers in their hair the size of coke cans. After putting in their rollers they would have to sit and wait for their hair to dry because they didn’t have blow dryers like today. As the decade went on, straighter hair came into style. According to Beth Burke they used to use a clothing iron to get the sleek hair look that was so sought

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