The Struggle In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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Black boy novel shows a long life of poverty, sorrow and pain for Richard who is the main figure in the novel and also the narrator in the main time so the writer here in the novel is telling us about his own life through playing two roles in the novel being a narrator and the main character in it. Black boy novel shows the sufferance of Richard with his family against hunger and poverty as he determined to overcome all these hardships. That black boy here struggled all his life not only for the lack of food, but also the need of being accepted in society.
Although Richard was hungry as he didn’t have enough food to eat, he was basically hungry for learning and experience. That hunger appeared when he learnt how to count from a man working
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He insists to find out reasons.
"What was it that made the hate of whites for blacks so steady, seemingly so woven into the texture of things? What kind of life was possible under that hate? How had this hate come to be?".
That quote above shows how deep he wants to understand what is happening as he tries to take any chance that may lead him to a reason for all of it.
Black boy novel is an autobiography for Richard Right’s life as his dad left him during his childhood and his mother suffered from illness most of her life.
All his relatives like uncles and aunts tried to bring him up properly but they failed as he liked to live his life as he like, so, he did everything in his life during his childhood like learning how to fight. After all, he was a violent boy due to his hard and miserable life. He didn’t accept the hard and cruel reality around him living in poverty, hunger and racism trying to change all of it.
"You just stay right where you are," she said in a deadly tone. "I’m going to teach you this night to stand up and fight for yourself."
"Take this money, this note, and this stick," she said. "Go to the store and buy those groceries. If those boys bother you, then
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