Life In The Colonies: The Different Aspects Of Colonial Life

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Life in the colonies would be hard but, some people had it easy. There was rich and poor and people in the middle. There were also many things to do and be. Some aspects in life are down below and there are many more like African Americans, leisure, and cities. So there are many aspects of life in the colonies and some people had it easy and some didn’t. Life on a farm was really hard. You would wake up and work until sunset. You lived in a one room house and the only source of heat was the fireplace. Also, when your family grew you would have to build another room on the other side of the chimney which would be really hard. So this is what life on a farm would be like. Next is education and this wasn 't easy for all families. In the southern colonies, most families were living along a river so some neighbors would get together and have a tutor or a teacher come and teach their kids. In the middle colonies there school was based off of their religion so each family or group would have to choose. Then there were the New England colonies and they had to go to public school. These schools were one room and they were stuffed with desks so they could fit everyone in. So this is how education was in the colonies.…show more content…
These families had about 7-10 people and now we have 1-4 people in our families. This just shows how much we have changed over the years. They would have so many kids because most of them would die from a disease. Back then people normally would get married during their mid 20’s and that 's early. So that was what families were like in the colonies. So these were some aspects of life in the colonies. Some people had it easy and some people had it hard like the farmers. There are also many other aspects of life and these are some. So this is what life was really like in the

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