Life In The Dark Ages Essay

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Life in the Dark Ages was one the most difficult time periods for people. This time period was very hard on people due to many wars and awful diseases. In this time period many empires were struggling and many people were in poverty during these times. Diseases were common and poverty was a sure thing that most people went through. The dark ages were divided into social classes causing only few to have power. But, in the Middle Ages the peasants had the worst life. Life for these people was barley tolerable. Living as a peasant was exhausting because, their daily life was filled with lots of labor work, they had few to no rights. Additionally, there contribution to the feudal system was a lot of work.
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As a peasant they were still apart of the social class pyramid. But, since they were at the bottom of the pyramid meaning there were many of the peasant class (Donn 3). This meant the upper classes could control or boss them around throughout their lifetime. Knights really were not worried about the peasants but in general “Noblemen and lords of the manor would distribute jobs to the serf. They had more control over peasants because they were of a higher class.” (Howarth 16). People of higher classes controlled the lower classes because they were the most powerful. The higher up the social structure pyramid the less people in that class which meant they had more power. Peasants had no power because they were at the very bottom. This resulted into their rights and whom they worked for. As a peasant, you were almost considered a slave because you were told what to do by higher classes but, the difference was peasants could not be sold throughout different manors by lords (How would you survive in the middle ages 6). Peasants also contributed by doing hard labor for people of the upper classes. Since the manor was self sufficient, noblemen had all the peasants do the work to provide for the entire county. The only true benefit they got from the manor was protection of the knights. In the long run, even though with few rights peasants still had contributions to the
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