Life In The Life Of Socrates

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“It’s clear to me that to die now and escape my troubles was a better thing for me” (Apology 41d). Socrates was a very wise man who gave deep and intellectual ideas regarding a human’s purpose in life and afterlife. He was arguing with the Men of Athens (the jury) because he was accused for disturbing the peace. Socrates was a mentor to Plato (who writes Phaedo, Symposium, Apology, and Republic about Socrates’ philosophical views) and was essential to the development of philosophy in classical Greece. Plato writes these books about Socrates’ life to dive deep into his thoughts, truth, and worldview. He is from Athens and helped to develop Athenian art and philosophy during the golden age of Athens around 400 BC. Socrates believes that once, the soul separates from the body, it can obtain true wisdom and understanding of love in the afterlife. Socrates’ worldview was of deep thinking and consisted of rational in his views of gaining true wisdom in afterlife, humility on his journey in obtaining wisdom, peaceful thought patterns, and his wise views to view love for the true beauty of the soul through obtaining a deeper connection. Before Socrates’ trial before the men of Athens, he is with the Oracle (a middle man between man and the gods who sought prophecy) and the Oracle tells him that he is the wisest human on the planet. Socrates responds with humility and says that “the people I mentioned just now may, perhaps, be wise because they possess superhuman wisdom. I don’t
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