Thomas Ziehe's Be Here Now

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Life is a miracle; it’s a thing that can be difficult to understand. You are the one who has a responsibility to create your life, and your decisions will decide how your life will turn out. It might be hard for some people to fulfill this responsibility. Thomas Ziehe is a theorist of the postmodern society; his theory is about the individuals’ choices of life is considered by the improved reflection. Everyone has an enormous possibility trying to live and accomplish the best version of life. Life can give you a tough time, when trying to live a meaningful life an emotion of emptiness can all of a sudden occur. Actions can change the way one-person see life in a positive or in a negative way. The question is how is it possible to be able to…show more content…
The author has chosen to use an open first person narrator, the name is not told. The fact that Miguel Syjuco has chosen not to name him, imitates the fact that the person is not as important as the thoughts. The main character appears in the story as person who just has moved into a new house with his fiancée Jenna. As reader we are seeing the setting, Jenna form his own point of view and the plot. His point of view effects the story in that we recognize ourselves with the main character and therefore we as reader are trying understand how and why he fells and acts the way as he does. The author places the point of view on him order to show the readers how he practices the situation of being in a terrible war and now to regain the meaning with life. We are told about the main characters past, we have been giving an invitation to his thought: “It’s good to be home, even if home is unfamiliar.’’ () It makes it easier to interpret the association between the main character and Jenna, having said that it also reflects the dependability of the story. We sympathize with the main character quickly and see the pain he struggles
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