Life In Walter Muelder's Foundations Of The Responsible Society

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Walter Muelder speaks about the importance of fundamental life a person or group in society in his work Foundations of the Responsible Society argues that Social justice affirms the ideal of the harmonious relations of life to life in the face of the sinful tendency of one life to take advantage of (the) other. Its task is to define the rightful place and privilege which each life must have in the harmony of the whole and to assign the duty of each to each (30-31). Adichie is much aware of chief editor Dele Giwa in Newswatch and Ken Saro-Wiwa. Ken Saro-Wiwa is a poet and author who fight for Ogni people and against the destroyer of his ancestor home ruins by oil drilling. He is outspoken critic against the government of Nigeria and he arrests…show more content…
For the university, the strong and vocal people who have questioned against the corruption they have pushed out and the weak people are may continue their works there. Kambili’s visit after Aunty Ifeoma and her family have left too, the United States of America, after the hospitalization of Kambili at Enugu. The family which takes Aunty Ifeoma’s flat tells her there is no power for a long time. She compares the university Sole Administrator with ceiling fan. That is the blades of ceiling fan covers with hard surface layer of dust. The blades have no power until the fan turns. The authoritarian can rule the people with dust of corruption until the entire country people turns. There is a time, as Kambili recalls, the red hibiscus occupies in her house, front yard. Beatrice used to these red hibiscus to decorate the church alter but the visitors plucked them as they walked past to the parked cars. Nevertheless, these hibiscuses grow very luxuriant without struggle. The red hibiscus represents the old order, Eugene’s unchallenged religious opinion and making weak on his family

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