Life Is A Test Nidali's Dream

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Some girls dreamed to be like their moms when they get grow up. Getting married, have kids, a beautiful house, their dream job and live happy. But it wasn’t Nidali’s dream, unlike she wanted to be herself. Nidali saw and experienced the way Baba treated Mama and her. And it created her the idea, that her marriage will be the same. It makes Nidali heartbroken to see Mama so powerless every time Baba hit her. Definitely it wasn’t the future she wanted. With Baba always controlling every step and decision she make, her desire for freedom grew more. In the chapter “Life is a test” Nidali’s describes the strictness and expectations her father has of her. And how those expectations didn’t matter to her. “I didn’t ever want to be like Mama; I wanted

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