Life Is Absurdity Analysis

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1. It would seem that life is absurd. For, Nagel states in his article, “that life as a whole is absurd arises when we perceive, an inflated pretension or aspiration which is inseparable from the continuation of human life and which makes its absurdity inescapable, short of escape from life itself.” Absurdity results when there is a certain incongruity between the ways the world actually is, and the way we in turn deal with the world. (Nagel,4)
2. Further, Nagel says, “we cannot live human lives without energy and attention, nor without making choices, which show that, we take some things more seriously than others.” These two view points collide and make our lives absurd because we ignore the doubts that we know cannot be settled, continuing to live with nearly undiminished seriousness in spite of them. (Nagel,5)
3. Further, life is absurd according to Nagel because “nothing we do now will matter in a million years” and because “we are tiny specks in the infinite vastness of the universe.” But I think that our lives absurdity has more to do with the daily routines we get caught in our lives become almost a trap because of work or school and we continue to do
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Nagel’s second response is about how “We take ourselves seriously whether we lead serious lives or not and whether we are concerned primarily with fame, pleasure, virtue, luxury, triumph, beauty, justice, knowledge, salvation, or mere survival.” No matter what kind of life we live or what we are concerned about Nagel says we live very serious lives, which leads us in have absurd lives. I think this is wrong. Yes, some people live very serious lives and they have to make choices, which shows that we take some things more serious then others, but this doesn’t cause the person conflict that leads them to live an absurd life. And for the most part I think humans can make choices about what’s more important to them with out being so torn up about their decision that they now live an absurd
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