Life Is Beautiful And Night Comparison Essay

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The Holocaust can be called one of the darkest sides and the biggest tragedies of the human civilization. There are many different stories and experiences that recap what happened in the camps. Each one is unique from the next, but also shares similarities with in each other. There are two stories that interest many people and have similarities and differences. In the novel Night and in the movie "Life is Beautiful", the Holocaust was experienced both similarly and differently through the mood of sadness, father/ son relationship, and self-preservation. Mood of Sadness Compare/Contrast Both Night and "Life is Beautiful" have the same mood of sadness but are shown differently. Eliezer, his father, and Guido all experience the sadness of the camp, but Joshua never experiences the sadness for himself. For example in "Life is Beautiful" Guido makes the camp a game for Joshua, so he never knows what is really happening in the camp (“Life is Beautiful”, 2000). Also Guido never shows Joshua the real sadness and pain he is feeling after the long day of hard work. On the other hand, Eliezer and his father both go through the sadness of the camps. They never shield each other and go through the pain of losing his mother/wife at the beginning of the camp (Wiesel, 2006). There is so much sadness and pain in the camp that it drives Eliezer crazy and he…show more content…
The audience and everyone expect Joshua in both stories experience the mood of sadness. Both stories show the love between a father/son and the things they will go through from each other. In Night, the Jews only care about themselves, unlike “Life is Beautiful” where they care for other Jews. These are two very contrasting perspectives of the same event, but both show the harshness and cruelty of the camp, so that it may never happen
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