Life Is Beautiful Book Night Analysis

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Have you heard about the holocaust before? Well if you haven 't its when they took all the jews in and put them all into concentration camps they took all they took all their rights away.I’m gonna be comparing the book night and the film “Life is beautiful” I think the connection of these two is that there 's always a bright side to everything in life. The main idea of the film is to make life beautiful and bright.One example I saw on the film is that the dad was making everything brights for the son and turning all the bad inside the concentration camp into a game.What this shows is that theirs always something bright that you can think of.Another peace of evidence I found was when the dad was telling his son about the tank and that if he hides he wins and he did and was happy at the end.In…show more content…
The connection that both the film and the book have is that they both looked at a bright side when they were in the concentration camp.In the film the dad made the kid think it was all game one example of that was when the dad told the kid and said that they are playing hide and seek and the kid said that but dad theres no kids and the dsad said there is but there all hiding. What this means is that to the kid everything was game and dad was happy that the don wasn 't suffering like he was.Another connection that they both have is that both of them left the concentration camp fine they
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