Life Is Beautiful Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast
The novel Night and the movie “Life is Beautiful” have two very different ways of looking at the Holocaust and the effects it had on each of the main characters. Looking back, Night has a more serious and heart wrenching way of telling the story of the Holocaust, and the movie is more light hearted and comedic because of the father’s attitude throughout the movie. Regardless of the way each story approaches the Holocaust the audience is impacted emotionally. These two stories have many similarities but also have many differences in their interpretation of the Holocaust and how they chose to tell the story. In the novel Night and the movie “Life is Beautiful,” the Holocaust is portrayed similarly and differently through
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God has complete control over every situation, even in Eliezer and Joshua’s through the Holocaust. Even though in Night, the reader can see a change in the development of faith in Elizer. Whether Eliezer believes it or not God was there for him the entire time and was looking out for him. For one, Eliezer had the unique privilege of being able to stay with his father the entire time his father was alive. Also, the Kommando him and his father were placed in was under the control of Alphonse who was a former friend and was able to get them extra food, a wash bucket and a bar of soap. These things do not seem like much in today’s world, but in that time period they meant the world to the prisoners because of the lack of supplies they were given to survive. In “Life is Beautiful”, one of the provisions from God, that would also match up with Night, would be that Joshua was able to stay with his father through all of it and end up surviving. To go along with that, for a seven year old to stay with his father, for the amount of time they did, is unheard of. Also, due to the “game” his father created, when he was released from the camp his innocence was in tact making him able to live a normal life and have a beautiful family. God had a plan for Joshua and Eliezer and without the provisions from God neither of them would have been able to make it out
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