Life Is Beautiful Essay

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Life is beautiful. Yet, much of the beauty is lost in our unfulfilled desire. In this short life we want to achieve too many things. We want money, we want gold, we want fame – quite often without thinking whether it is within our reach or not. Often our ambition is out of bound to our available resource, ability and capability. When we fail to achieve, we blame our fate, we blame others for betraying us or not helping us enough. In this way we come to a grief and frustration. We complain about pain, criticize about mosquitoes, snow, and silly people; we lapse into doubt and cynicism. We die every day for some reason or other. Quite the reverse, happy are those who come alive every day. One 5-year study indicate that there seems to be a 35% decrease in the risk of dying among people, who reported being happy every day, excited on a typical day and contend with whatever they have, compared to those, who are sadder or more anxious. So, be alive and lead a balanced life. He lives long who lives well. Live and let live. There is a group of people on earth, those whose desire is to love human beings and be loved by others. How more beautiful our life could have been if all people on earth fell into this category! As we move from life of self-absorption to a life full of love and feeling for others, our own desire to prosper in a materialistic sense…show more content…
In Nature – look around – all is beautiful. It is alive, tender and delightful. We don’t have to do any far more to make our life beautiful. Our life is beautiful already. We don’t have to wait for the beauty to reveal itself before us. Beauty is here, beauty is there, beauty is everywhere. What is necessary is our fresh eye to see it anew. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A little awareness and a little mindfulness! Our life is very short like lilies of the field whose bloom is brief. Yes, our life too – brief but
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