Life Is Beautiful Holocaust Analysis

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“The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don't have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it” (Pine, n.d.). This quote by Chris Pine (n.d.) speaks to how one controls how they react put into a situation. The Holocaust was an immoral machination orchestrated by the Nazi’s to eliminate any person who did not meet their criteria of a human. Millions were interned in camps all around Europe. Each person who survived the Holocaust has a different story. Within Elie Wiesel’s Night (2006) and the movie “Life is Beautiful” (2000) two different perspectives on the Holocaust are presented to audiences both however deal with the analogous subjects faced by prisoners. Inside both works you can find the general mood of sadness. The relationship of a father and son during the struggle of the Holocaust. As well as the experience of the prisoners in the camps. In the novel Night and the movie “Life is Beautiful,” the Holocasut is was experienced both similarly and differently through the father/son relationship, the tone of the piece, and the experiences of the Jewish prisoners. Father/Son Relationship While both Night and “Life is Beautiful” center around a father and son’s plight through the Holocaust, each differ in the relational aspect of the bond therefore altering the way the …show more content…

This fact is no different for Night and “Life is Beautiful.” In nature “Life is Beautiful” is more lighthearted because it is seen through the view of child. Joshua remembers his time at the camp as a game so naturally his memories are going to be less tainted. The case is sadly different with Eliezer. In Night, Eliezer describes every pain staking detail of his experience at Auschwitz. The read experience the painful perspective of young Elie having to survive through immeasurable evil. Both work provide a view of the Holocaust while still resting on the

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