Life Is Beautiful Movie Analysis

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I. INTRODUCTION The movie is entitled "Life is Beautiful" an Italian Film and a tragicomic comedy drama genre. This movie showed the oppression of the people, cruelty of life and yet managed to shed some light and insight into the power of love and beauty of life. This movie would give you goosebumps, would make you fall in love and will bring tears in your eyes. It is all about the boundless love of a father to his family. II. PLOT Guido Orefice is a Jewish man that owned a bookshop who fell in love with a teacher, Dora, which is set to be engage to a rich man. Because of his willingness to court and shows his love to Dora, he sets up many coincidental incidents until Dora sees his affection. On the day of Dora and her fiancé’s engagement party, Guido steals her and soon, they got married and had a son, Goisue. Many Jews, including Guido and his son, were forced to enter the train. They were all abducted; brought to the concentration camp and they all became slaves. He didn 't tell his son about their situation, he told him that the camp is a game and whoever wins can have a tank for price and continued until the end. When the allied forces approaches them, he tells his son to hide in a box. He pretends to be a girl to look for…show more content…
ACTING/ACTORS PERFORMANCE Everyone did a good job and all of them played their role very well, especially Roberto Benigni as Guido Orefice considering that he 's the director, of course he 'd do great and would play his role properly. As one of the main characters, his lines, and scenes left a mark in our minds especially those funny moments and his way of loving his family. We can 't see someone who hadn 't perform their role very well, all we can say is that all of them put their efforts in making this movie. The movie was believable from the way Guido court Dora up to the last where Guido sacrifice his life for the sake of his son. IV. SPECIAL EFFECTS, MUSICAL SCORING, COSTUME (WHATEVER IS APPLICABLE ON THE MOVIE YOU
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