Life Is Better Than 100 Years Ago

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Life is now better than it was 100 years ago. There are many things that make living today more comfortable and easier than during our grandparents were child. The proof is how technology has changed the way people connect in advanced health treatment, education, food, communication and working hours which are not practiced 100 years ago. First, the advanced technology of health treatment is helpful in our life. People are easily getting treatment using advanced technology in hospitals where as 100 years ago, people faced difficultly in receiving treatment and we now have complicated surgery where as they only had computation then. The technology nowadays is different from 100 years ago because today we have experts doctor, excellent equipment and medicine for patients. For example, tuberculosis, which used to be a death sentence can now be healed with medicine. Second is better education in our life. In 100 years ago, especially women had little chance to school because they was discrimination between men and women. Women were pointed to early marriage because they think that women just need to do as a housewife at home. Besides, the tradition assumed that men were better than women because after men took the education level, they will get job and support his family. However, education nowadays especially for women have chance to go get higher education and get a job same level with men. Third is changes food habit. In 100 years ago, people are usually rearing animals
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