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Brand concept Life is good has established by two brothers Bert and John Jacob, originally idea of the brand is coming from their real life struggles. Therefore, they decided to come up with a new product which will make others feel relieve from the daily flood of negative things. Life is good is trying to demonstrate that business can be differentiating from their competitor by put their effort in both humane and profitable ways. Life is good believe that by promoting the concept of optimism though the customers, and shows it can power of “Optimism” can be show off in a big result for the community. Life is good put a big effort on producing a good quality product with the principle of spreading, inspiring art, a passionate community under …show more content…

“CASH COW” in this case means as a royalty market which normally comes from the customers that interested in the company’s slogan or the business. “DOG” category means to the thing that company is not good at or not worthy to invest in particular area. In this case fashion is the thing that company has to improve but not literally focus on. “QUESTION MARK” means to customers which does not belong to any category, or it means to the group of customers that did not care about the brand value nor the philosophy of the company. Generally, this group of customers depends on their impression though the brand, this group of customer has the potential to become a “STAR” category, or it can degenerate to a “DOG” if they do not receive a good impression. Therefore, this group of customers has to determine precisely on whether worth to invest …show more content…

In addition, open more stores in crowded location, particularly on big cities such as Tokyo, London, Hong Kong. Pop up stores in festivals/carnivals in those particular cities would increase more attention from the customers. Product The product must target on an all age range of the customers with high quality. The company should have product that meet the demand of customers, group product for couples, families, friends would be a great way to increase the production line. The package should provide in eco-friendly way (paper wraps only / avoid plastic wraps). Promotion Life is good should come up with a new promotion to attract the customers. Seasonal based product is a smart way to promote the product and gain customers attention. Moreover, introduce Option or customized product for each customer is also a good way to promote the product. Cooperation among others party such like YouTubers or big retailers would also increase the company

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