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To Take a Life or to Not Take a Life? Life is precious. It is one of the most unique and amazing gifts that we have. Taking away that gift is almost never justified. In fact, Reverend Hale, a well known minister during the salem witch trials, goes on to say that taking a life is never justified. Hale’s claim is true except for in instances where life is taken for justice. I somewhat agree with Hale for saying that taking a life is never justified. I think that in certain instances where justice is involved, it must be done.the bible has a great way of showing that killing is not justified in most cases but God himself sometimes has to have his people take lives to serve justice and make things better. For example, the 6th commandment in the…show more content…
For example, during World War II, Japan dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor and many people died. The U.S had no choice but to kill the Japanese soldiers. This is justified because they were saving their people. More lives were saved than the one’s that were taken. Next, the assassination on Benito Mussolini further shows an instance where taking a life is justified. Mussolini was an Italian dictator who terrorized people who did not have the same views as him. He also invaded other countries and forced his fascist ideas on the people living there.He was a ruthless leader with all of the power. He was later killed by his own people. This assassination is justified because the people had absolutely no power and the only way to make Italy better was to get rid of Mussolini. They had to kill him in order to restore justice to Italy and the countries that he invaded. Lastly, the execution of Mary Queen of Scots is another example of justified killing. She was caught conspiring against the Queen and planning her assassination. She was executed because of this. This execution is justified because if it didn’t happen, the Queen would have been killed and there would be complete chaos. By execution Mary, lives were saved and the country’s state was fine. History consistently shows special instances where taking lives was necessary, therefore providing an exception to Hale’s…show more content…
In 2016, Dylann Roof was convicted for the murders of 9 innocent African Americans who were worshipping. It was seen as a hate crime. He was sentenced to death in November of 2017. This is justified because he killed 9 innocent people because of the color of their skin and would have killed even more if he was not caught by the police. Lives were saved because he was caught and sentenced to death. Once a person has so much hatred for a race that they feel the need to go and target innocent people of that race, there is no coming back. It is better for him to get the death penalty than to be locked up with other inmates because those inmates are in danger simply because of their skin color. Next, the case of Cyntoia Brown proves that killing for self protection is justified. At the age of 16, Cyntoia Brown was being sold as a sex slave. She was eventually sold to a child predator who raped and beat her every day. She was able to break free and kill the predator. This is absolutely justified because she was protecting herself. She had been raped every day and she had the chance to put a stop to that so she took it. When people find themselves in danger, they have every right to protect themselves and that is what Cyntoia

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