Life Is Progress Essay

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“Nothing in the world that could attain perfection in the Bud, on the contrary, at first almost in any phenomenon timid simplicity of hope, then the completeness of the implementation,” wrote the ancient Roman writer, philosopher Lucius Apulia. Before transgress to the topic of composition, I want to share my observations, conclusions, which have given a push to progress. Verily, everything great starts small. I must admit - not all the people have equal opportunities - is catastrophic and is the first test for many, and then most of them do not find other way how to fall into a state of frustration. Some are still unable to return to their former way of life, and then they take on a life dictated by the canons. Unfortunate, but too often it…show more content…
But in my opinion, life - is progress. Our objective is to be better today than yesterday. It is very important to understand. We can imagine that today is our last day. Will you be proud of what you have done in this life? Or your name will die along with you? Probably the answer will not be good , if so - it's time to change it. Pretty long period I spent on analysis and reflection. Eventually I came to these conclusions, which became the ticket to a new life. I have to admit I had made good progress. I'm getting better. The first thing I began to love myself. This is the main criterion for success. Not so long ago, I realized one obvious thing - I cannot please everyone. Condemnation will always be, but people like me no more. Each person is unique. Self-esteem influences the choice, friends, loved ones, what we do, it affects everything. There is nothing more important for happiness. Learning to love ourselves, we learn to love life. Second - I invest time in myself. Every free minute I devote to self-development, no matter what aspect it concerns. I have a good impression about the value of time, therefore not wasting it, ever. Reading classical literature, music, fine arts, sports - this contributes to the development of some industries, but at the same time
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