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Life is Strange, an indie game made in 2015 by DontNod, is a game about the character Max and her old friend, Chloe. You, as Max, start off in Blackwell High School and it’s just a normal day as always, but after you walk into the bathroom, you start to see a blue butterfly float into the bathroom through a window and this is foreshadowing to the ‘Butterfly Effect’. Then you hear people yelling and you see a guy pull a gun on some girl, you quickly try to yell and throw your hand out and it sends you into a rewind. All the sudden instead of the girl being shot, you get to warn her and she makes it out alive. Then you notice it’s your old childhood friend, Chloe.
The main concept of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ is just that; killing a butterfly now
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Everything in this games means a lot, there isn’t any pointless decisions, life notices everything.
Somewhere along in the world Mother Nature, who is the human personification of the Earth and the forces it can have, is upset and she’s getting angry because: Chloe should be dead, Chloe shouldn’t have met Max again, Max shouldn’t have these powers. Chloe can’t just live without their being a consequence, Mother Nature and Death wanted a life and you gave them none. Mother Nature sends a storm so that it can take a life some way or another and this is really big on the Butterfly Effect theory. Killing a butterfly can cause an earthquake somewhere else. Now, not killing Chloe is going to cause a storm.
Rewinding and rewinding can continue to happen but you still have to deal with how life works. So as you continue to rewind and save people’s lives as this tremendous storm comes through, Mother Nature and Death aren’t happy and they are going to take the lives they wanted to take, despite Max’s powers. You have to rewind and choose, Chloe or the whole town being taken over by the town. Whichever is chosen, the forces of life and nature become happy, they’ve taken the life(s) that they’ve

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