Creon And Haemon Character Analysis

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There is suffering in the world, because life is unfair and always has been. Good people are harmed by evil people, who do not care about the wellbeing of others. Life for some people is about honoring family and tradition for others it is about gaining power over others. Death is a natural occurrence and some people are able to accept this, some cannot accept the fact that life is not eternal and seek ways to artificially elongate their lives even if it means harming or killing others in the process. All people are different and while some are righteous and will stand by their beliefs even if it means death they will, others are cowards driven by greed and power and will destroy anything and everything for it. Good people suffer because…show more content…
209-211). In this scene, Creon is arguing with his son, who does not believe Antigone has to die for disobeying his father, but Creon is so power hungry he is willing to suppress anyone who is against him, even his son’s fiance. Good people suffer, because rulers like Creon are ruthless tyrants, they are power hungry and will not listen to anyone who disagrees with their…show more content…
He mourns his loss or respect and power, not his father or his children, he mourns his loss of power, that is until the lute plays the Dausi, Gassire in this moment hearing the song realizes all his wrongdoing and weeps. The playing of the Dausi releases Wagadu, who fell from human sight four times before, “Once through vanity. Once through dishonesty. Once through greed. Once through discord...She will endure with such strength that vanity, dishonesty, greed, discord, can never harm her again...The fifth Wagadu will arise from discord to endure as the rain of the South...Every man then will bear Wagadu in his heart. Every woman will have Wagadu in her sons,” (Jablow p.
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