Life Isn T Fair-Deal With It By Mike Myatt Summary

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The short story called “Life Isn’t Fair - Deal With It” written by Mike Myatt, is about his own opinion on why life isn’t fair, what the term “fair” is and if life itself should be fair or not be fair. Mike explained that the term “Fairness” is a individual idea and is not a natural characteristic of life. So, in this argument, Mike has told us about why everyone thinks the way they do when it comes to fairness. Some people have their own decisions and it is largely based on the decisions they congregate, and the attitude that they start to take. Some of these decisions that are being made by the people come with terrible and ghastly outcomes. Mike also says how kids are starting to blame their mistakes on their teachers, parents, pastors at their churches, their own society, and their government. On that cause, he gave us the …show more content…

In their terms, Myatt described fairness in a realistic term that was life-related, of always using the term in an imperfect way. Furthermore, he wanted to change so that people could have the good healthy state of mind. The term fairness to Kubic means that the world does not know how to be equal to everybody and he used the Electoral College to explain his own term of fairness. In the story “Life Isn’t Fair - Deal With It,” he explained why life is not fair and how you can deal with it by doing it yourself instead of blaming other people for your mistakes. This is why he concurs that life is not fair so deal with whatever our own lives throw at us now because that is is based off mainly on the decisions you devise. In the short story called, “The American Electoral Process,” Kubic explained to us about why he disagrees with how the Constitution and the Congress take all votes for every single state as well as being unalike in population and size in which he would tell of as

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