Reflection On Life Lessons And Experiences Of The Cultural Revolution

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Final Research Question: What life lessons and experiences did the Cultural Revolution impose upon teenage students that could not be learned in a classroom?

Project Choice: Memoir Recollection

*Note to Mr. Willis*
I have written my project with a theme of the reforms of the educational system, before, during and after the Cultural Revolution. I think having to experience the revolution and not receiving a proper education weighs heavily on them. The educational system is important to them, as it presents as an opportunity that they missed on. In my opinion, I think the most valuable lesson learned from someone who went through the revolution would be the opportunities that they missed, and how they can learn from this disastrous incident.

Escape from Revolution

I was only 12 when it all started. The summer of 1966 changed my life forever, and left a scar that would never heal. The past is forever with me, and I remember every detail. Memories of my horrendous childhood often drift around my mind, along with the anger, and pain I once suffered. Too quickly, I had grown up. I despised those who tore apart my life, and left me to endure the hardships as a consequence of my family background. My kindness towards others was left unnoticed, as the revolution became the sole purpose for the lives of the
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One of the many important lessons learned from the revolution was that over-centralization lead by individual governors would end in a cataclysm. Powerful leaders such as Mao Ze Dong were the main individuals involved in the decision-making process of the Cultural Revolution. Government officials or politicians are expected to make mistakes, which is why it is important for the whole of the government to first discuss initiating an event as large as the Cultural Revolution, and not have the power focused on one man, or a small group of
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